Benefits of eating fig and more about fig bread.

If you need some time to prove to add something new to your menu, please help us to explain the many health benefits of eating figs and fig bread daily. There are a lot of heavy bonuses you can get from this delicious little fruit named fig.

Health benefits of eating fig daily:

Health benefits of fig
Health benefits of eating fig daily.

1.Improved digestion.

it prevents constipation and other digestive problems because it is one of the natural laxatives.

2.Helps to reduce body weight.

Figs are also low in calories, making it an ideal food for people who want to lose weight.

3.Prevents high blood pressure.

Dried figs are great for restoring sodium-potassium balance and preventing high blood pressure.  A dried fig contains 129mg of potassium and 2mg of sodium, so eating figs can help prevent high blood pressure.

4.Rich in antioxidants.

Dried figs are rich in antioxidants and more than natural figs, so it is better to take dried figs.

Rich in antioxidant
Fig rich in antioxidant.

5.Preventing heart disease.

The rich antioxidant content of dried figs eliminates free radicals that can damage blood vessels and cause heart disease.

6.Preventing cancer.

Antioxidants of dried figs help prevent cellular DNA damage caused by free radicals that can cause dangerous cells.

7.Strengthens your bones.

Along with other foods rich in calcium such as milk, cheese and other dairy foods, Green leafy vegetables – such as curly kale, okra and lettuce, Dried figs can improve bone density and strength.  A dried fig contains 3% calcium.

8.Good for diabetes.

  Dried figs are good for diabetics.  However, dried figs have a high sugar content, so be sure to consult your diabetes doctor about the amount of figs you can consume.

9.Iron deficiency anemia can be cured.

  Eating dried figs can help increase your hemoglobin level by increasing the amount of iron in your body.  Iron is an important mineral that carries hemoglobin throughout the human body.

10.Improves reproductive health.

Ancient people also used figs:

The ancient Greeks used figs for sexual purposes. They are considered sacred fruit and are associated with fertility and love. Figs can improve fertility and libido because minerals and zinc, manganese and magnesium are very important.

Do you cook figs?.( fig bread)

I make jam with them. there are more yummy recipes with figs such as fig bread and fig cake. My favourite thing to put on bread is fig. Fig bread with mango chutney tastes good.

Fig bread recipe.
Fig bread cooking recipe.

Fig bread as an attractive appetiser.

It is a very simple, tasty and attractive appetiser to serve to small family parties. (Fig bread slices and mango cheese thin slices with mango chutney.)

Fig bread as appetiser
Fig bread as a appetiser.

Good snack for long workouts and walks.

Fig bread is very good, however, it may not be for you if you go on a low/sugar-free diet. If you are a vegan/vegetarian it is good because it is made with nothing but figs and sometimes almonds.

Fig bread in diet plan.

The good thing about fig bread is that it is high in protein and high in fiber, so you will get more energy and it will last longer over time. It is better if you diet because it will kill your hunger tips for a while.

 In diet plan
Fig bread in diet plan.