Aryan Khan Case Update: Aryan was sent to jail by the NCB; The bail hearing is currently adjourned.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan will get bail or he will have to spend 14 days in jail, a decision could be taken today. The hearing on the bail application of Aryan and some other accused, who are accused of having a drug party on a cruise ship, is currently adjourned. The hearing is set to resume at 3 p.m.

Aryan Khan Case Update

Meanwhile, the NCB has sent all the six male accused, including Aryan, to Arthur Road Jail and both the female accused to Byculla Jail. In fact, the court yesterday remanded all the accused in judicial custody for 14 days. The hearing, however, lasted until late at night and did not enter the jail after 6 p.m. As a result, 8 accused including Aryan were kept in the lockup of NCB.

At the same time, in today’s case, both the parties are arguing, citing different cases, whether the bail application should be heard in this court or not. Meanwhile, Aryan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde said that if there was a dispute, the judge should have referred the matter to the high court, but unfortunately that did not happen.

Aryan Khan Gets Bail?

Manshinde has argued that in low-volume drug cases, the High Court grants bail, then my client has found nothing. He also said, why is the central government in such a hurry in this matter? Replying to him, ASG Anil Singh said that you cannot say that.

Aryan’s lawyers have filed two petitions

Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde has filed two bail applications in the court. One of them is a petition for interim bail so that Aryan can get immediate bail and the other is for regular bail so that he can remain on bail till the matter is investigated. The NCB, on the other hand, has already opposed regular bail under the NDPC Act. Earlier, the court had on Thursday ordered all the eight accused, including Aryan, to be remanded in judicial custody after a 24-hour hearing.

In fact, he has no access to the jail after 6pm, so he had to spend the whole night in the NCB lockup. In court, NCB counsel Satish Manshinde said the accused was subjected to covid test before being sent to jail and Aryan’s corona test had not been conducted yet. It is believed that if bail is denied by the court today, Aryan will first undergo a cowardly test and then be sent to Taloja Jail in Navi Mumbai.

The NCB wanted custody till October 11. 

The NCB custody of Aryan Khan and seven others arrested with him expired yesterday. The NCB had sought an extension of his remand till October 11, but the court did not accept the appeal and remanded all the eight accused, including Aryan Khan, to judicial custody.

What did Aryan’s lawyer argue in court?

Satish Manshinde told the court that Aryan had not been questioned for 2 nights. Still, the NCB is asking for Aryan’s custody. Manshinde said the NCB has repeatedly said it wants to reach the main accused, but until then Aryan cannot be held hostage. Achit Kumar’s case was heard before the Aryan case. He was remanded in NCB custody until October 9. Achit was arrested on the basis of Aryan’s statement.

The NCB has claimed

that several links in the form of picture chats have been found from Aryan’s phone, pointing to international drug trafficking. The NCB had said – many code names have also been found in the chats and a cell is needed to find them. The NCB had sought remand till October 11, which was rejected by the court.

You see a crowd in the court room

was crowded courtroom in a high-profile heir. As a result, the defense attorneys requested the judge to send those who are not involved in the case out of court. The judge asked the people involved in the case to raise their hands and ordered the rest to leave.

In this case, have been arrested so far 17 people

arrested so far 17 people have been arrested enasibine. This includes foreign nationals. Eight of them are in judicial custody and the other eight accused are in NCB custody till October 11. Arbaaz Merchant, Vikrant Chokar, Gomit Chopra, Ishmit Singh Chadha, Mohak Jaiswal, Munmun Dhamicha and Nupur Satija have been sent to jail by the court. In this case, the authorities are accused of seizing several drugs like cocaine, mephedrone, hashish, hydroponics and MDMA and cash of Rs 1.33 lakh.

Aryan Khan Case Update: Aryan was sent to jail by the NCB; The bail hearing is currently adjourned.
Aryan Khan Case Update: Aryan was sent to jail by the NCB; The bail hearing is currently adjourned.

After questioning accused Mohak Jaiswal, authorities raided Jogeshwari in Mumbai and arrested Abdul Qadir Sheikh on October 3 with mephedrone. The NCB claimed that it had arrested Shreyas Surendra Nair, a resident of Goregaon, on October 4 after interrogating accused Ishmit Singh Chadha.

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