Attack of Black fungus in weak immunity patients.

Black fungus

In addition to post-covid diseases, patients recovering from covid have also been attacked by black fungus. Also in the district, arrangements are already being made for patients suffering from corona and black fungus, and other diseases.

In the second wave of the corona, the virus mutants become more effective than before. Rare fungal infections such as mucormycosis (black fungus) develop in people with weakened immune systems during this time.

Patients treated during or after coronavirus have a very weak immune system, so they are more susceptible. Especially diabetic corona patients.

When the sugar level rises they can take the dangerous forms of Mucormycosis disease.

Moreover, patients who took high steroids during the Govt period, who have been in the ICU for a long time, maybe susceptible to transplant surgery or cancer patients. This infection enters the person through the nose through the breath.

This infection can prove to be very dangerous for patients with Covid-19 and diabetes. It spreads very fast in the body.

Mucormycosis can also infect the nose, eyes, brain, lungs, or skin. In this disease, the eyesight of many people increases, while the jaw and nose bones of some patients melt.

It was decided that covid-19 patients would be examined three days a week after discharge at rural hospitals and community health centers in rural and district hospitals.

It examines black fungus, heart, diabetes, liver and kidney problems. Treatment and counseling will be provided by physicians on the spot.

Contact your doctor as soon as these symptoms appear.Keep these symptoms in mind when you are discharged from the hospital after Corona.

Black fungus
Attack of Black fungus in weak immunity patients.

The main symptoms of nasal congestion are nasal pain, bleeding or nasal congestion, swelling in the nose, toothache or jaw pain or tooth decay, blurred or pain in front of the eyes, fever, chest pain, cough, difficulty breathing, vomiting of blood. It also sometimes affects the mind.

Symptoms of black fungus.

  • Black particles from the nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Pain in the bones of the cheeks around the nose, pain in the face, numbness and swelling.
  • Constant headache, toothache and trembling from the roots, pain in the jaw.
  • Blurred vision with pain in the eyes, pain and redness around the eyes and nose.
  • Fever, chest pain, pain in breathing.
  • vomiting of blood, bad breath and mental confusion.

Wear a mask when going to the construction site.

If you go to the garden, wear a full sleeve shirt, pants and gloves.

Check your blood glucose level and keep it under control.