Bhopal gas incident: Who helped the Bhopal gas tragedy accused Anderson escape?

In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, on 2-3 December 1984, ie 37 years ago, a very scary accident took place. In history, which is known as Bhopal gas tragedy, Bhopal gas tragedy. Exactly 36 years ago, a poisonous gas leaked from the factory of a company named Union Carbide located in Bhopal, due to which more than 15000 people died in agony. 

Bhopal gas tragedy day

Today is 2nd December 2021. Today’s date is related to Bhopal gas tragedy. Union Carbide Company of Bhopal was in loss and the pesticide production work, which had been stalled for several months, was resumed a month ago. Three storage tanks with a capacity of 68,000 liters were made in the factory. The numbers were E610, E611, and E619. Liquid methyl iso cyanide (MIC) was produced and stored in them. Which went ahead and used to make pesticides. 

Along with this, thousands of people suffered from physical disabilities to blindness, which are still facing the tragedy, but do you know who was the main accused in this incident, which could never be brought to India.


On the 37th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, once again the memories of Union Carbide factory owner Warren Anderson have been brought back in the minds of the countrymen. There was also a case in the court regarding the demand to bring Anderson to India from America. But, no government was successful in bringing Anderson to India. 

Warren Anderson, the factory owner, was made the main accused in the Union Carbide factory’s toxic gas deaths and negligence. Warren Anderson was arrested under such serious sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), on which bail could not be obtained without the permission of the court, but Anderson got bail only within four-five hours. 

Who helped the Bhopal gas tragedy accused Anderson escape?

After getting bail, Anderson fled the country. After this, the case against Anderson continued in the court, alleged efforts were also made to extradite him from America, but it could not happen.

 After investigating the case for three years, the CBI had filed a chargesheet in the court against 11 Union Carbide officials, including Warren Anderson. Anderson retired from Union Carbide’s highest office in 1986 and died on 29 September 2014 in Florida, USA, at the age of 92. 

Moti Singh, who was the city’s collector during the Bhopal gas tragedy, has also mentioned that truth in his book ‘Bhopal Gas Tragedy Ka Sach’, due to which Warren Anderson was released on bail from Bhopal. Referring to the whole incident, Moti Singh wrote in his book that ‘Warren Anderson was released on the orders of the then Chief Minister of the state, Arjun Singh. 

Bhopal gas incident: Who helped the Bhopal gas tragedy accused Anderson escape?
Bhopal gas incident: Who helped the Bhopal gas tragedy accused Anderson escape?

The first FIR against Warren Anderson was registered under non-bailable sections. Even after this, he was released on bail. There were allegations and there was also discussion that the main accused in the gas incident was driven away from the country by the then CM of the state, Arjun Singh, at the behest of the then PM Rajiv Gandhi. 

There was no case of conspiracy to exonerate the accused in the court, but the sections in which the chargesheets were filed are sufficient to show that the government’s approach was not sensitive after thousands of deaths.