Faizal Khan’s reaction to Aamir-Kiran’s divorce: “I can’t afford a wife,” said Aamir Khan’s brother Faizal.

Faizal has reacted to the divorce of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao.

Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faizal Khan, known as Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, is returning to the big screen after a long hiatus. The movie ‘Factory’ directed by him is going to be released on September 3. Therefore, in an interview given by Faizal, he has spoken openly about his private life.

Aamir Khan’s brother says, “I can’t afford to spend on my wife.”

There is no need to introduce Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood i.e. Aamir Khan. He has created such a place of his own in Hindi cinema with his acting. However, no one knows when Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faizal Khan came and went in Hindi cinema. Faizal was seen with Aamir in the movie ‘Mela’ released in 2000. He was never seen again. Faisal will soon be seen on the big screen. This time she will be in a dual role of actor and director.

Aamir Khan’s brother Faizal Khan has returned to Bollywood. Along with Abhimanaya, Faizal will now meet the audience as a director. Faizal has directed the movie ‘Factory 3’ and he will be seen in the lead role in this movie.

Faisal Khan Aamir Khan.

In a recent interview, Faizal Khan discussed his relationship with his career. On his relationship with Aamir, Faizal said, “Aamir Khan is the most popular person in our family. But after this movie, people will start recognizing me as an actor, director and singer. I’m going to prove myself in my movies. ” That’s what Faizal said. This time, Faizal has given an interesting answer to the question asked about marriage. He said, “I have not earned enough money to afford a wife. I don’t even have a girlfriend because it costs a lot of money and the wife is still expensive, ”Faizal said.

This time, he said, “If the movie is a hit, start watching the girl.” In the interview, Faizal was asked about the divorce of Aamir and Kiran Rao. On this, Faizal said, “My own first marriage did not last, so I can’t talk about their private life.” That is the answer given by Faisal.

Faisal Khan Mela.

The movie ‘Factory 3’ will be released on September 3. Faizal has previously acted in ‘Mela’, ‘Chinar Dastan’ and ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’. However, he did not have much success in the field of acting.

At the same time, there were rumors that he was mentally ill and that Aamir Khan was doing him injustice.  He also worked as a scriptwriter in Aamir’s production house for a few years.  But there was talk that there was no albel between the two brothers.  He had to face failure at the family level as well as at his career.  He was divorced.  In all of this, Faizal Khan was slowly falling behind.  But now the news that Faizal Khan is making his Bollywood debut has come to light.  He is now trying his luck in the field of directing.

Aamir Khan’s Divorce.

In an interview, on the occasion of the film, Faizal openly answered many questions from Aamir Khan’s recent divorce (Aamir Khan’s Divorce) to why he did not remarry himself.  A few months back, Aamir Khan had shocked fans by announcing that he was suddenly divorcing his wife Kiran Rao.  Speaking on the occasion, Faizal Khan said, ‘I can’t give any advice to Aamir and Kiran, because I couldn’t sustain my own marriage.  So I have no right to say anything about another’s private life.  They know what is best for them. ‘

Faizal Khan's reaction to Aamir-Kiran's divorce: "I can't afford a wife," said Aamir Khan's brother Faizal.
Faizal Khan’s reaction to Aamir-Kiran’s divorce: “I can’t afford a wife,” said Aamir Khan’s brother Faizal.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Aamir Khan has improved and now he is making all his own decisions, said Faizal Khan.