Happy Birthday KS Ravikumar sir | King of commercial cinema | Finishing Kumar | Perfect Man | Super planner.

Director KS Ravikumar disguised the bustling Tamil cinema and distributed the commercial tablet to everyone. 

In Tamil cinema, which had separate branches as a director for family films, a director for comedy films, a director for novels, and a director for the performing arts, the proud Ravi Kumar joins them all to make a mixed drink.

KS Ravikumar – Director of the producers.

The director of the producer is K.S. Ravikumar, One who knows the trick of finishing complete films in a short period on a specific budget and making them a hit.

Strength of the KS Ravikumar sir.

He has received many reviews such as Perfect Man, Super Planner, Finishing Kumar.  But that is his strength.

Another pride of KS Ravikumar is that he made all the colossal stars in Tamil Nadu fly in his sky. 

Developed his own formula.

Although he worked as an associate director with Vikram, he developed a formula for himself and traveled his way to the end. 

KS Ravikumar, who started his career as a director in the thriller film Puriyaadha Pudhir in 1990, was not expected to be the next Commercial King.

KS Ravikumar created a new trend.

Tamil Nadu cannot easily forget that the second film Cheran Pandian became a mega hit and created a new trend.

Nattamai released in 1994 was the permanent visiting card for KS Ravikumar. 

Subsequent planting was the director of Mass Films. 

It also won the State Award for Best Film and the State Award for Best Director.

Ravikumar: That horse has never stopped its success. It is still running fast

Muthu (trans. Pearl) Super Duper hit film starring superstar Rajini in 1995. 

In other words, it was a film that gave Rajini enough confidence to turn her films into Muthu (trans. pearl) style in succession.

Akmark hits of KS Ravikumar.

Ravikumar has Akmark hit playlist as natpukkaga, Padiyappa, Thenali, Panchatantra, Villain, Varalaru, Dasavatharam, Athavan.

  KSR has worked not only with Kamal but also with Ajith Vijay and has moved his works over time. 

Many directors will finish their work with filming. 

But, KS Ravikumar is friendly enough to consult with top stars like Rajini and Kamal all the time. 

He is still in their immediate vicinity today.  If KS offers advice beyond cinema. We can feel their confidence in.

Finishing Kumar.

Ravi Kumar, who has it as his mannerism to headline something in a petty role in every one of his films, has never missed it in all his films. 

That’s what made him an actor over the course of the day. 

Today, Ravi Kumar is mixing character in many films.  He is the hero in the recently released mathil movie. 

KS Ravikumar – Favorite for an Indian fan.

There is another specialty of KS Ravikumar who has brought his works not only in Tamil but also in other languages. 

Happy Birthday KS Ravikumar sir | King of commercial cinema | Finishing Kumar | Perfect Man | Super planner.
Happy Birthday KS Ravikumar sir | King of commercial cinema | Finishing Kumar | Perfect Man | Super planner.

Many of his works have been remade in languages including Hindi and have been a hit there as well.

Happy Birthday KS Ravikumar sir.

In that sense, he is not the favorite of Tamil fans, he is the favorite of Indian fans. 

Born on May 30, 1958 in Vanganur, Tiruvallur district, KS Ravikumar is celebrating his 63rd birthday today. 

All the pictures will come to me only after the release date is decided.  But trust me on that;  The only thing that runs through my mind is to keep that hope,

KS Ravikumar said in an interview

Happy Birthday KS Ravikumar sir!