Highlights of Goodbye speech of B. S. Yediyurappa: Yediyurappa’s resignation | BSY | Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa.

Karnataka’s leadership change has finally come to a logical conclusion. Yes CM BS. Yediyurappa has announced his resignation as CM.

State Chief Minister CM B S. There was a rumor that Yediyurappa would change. So the curiosity of who would become the next chief minister became home to everyone. BSY’s words that the BJP High Command would act accordingly, caused many doubts. Kawai’s support and BSY’s son’s visit to Delhi were witness to many rumors.

All this confusion came to light during the two years since BSY took over as chief minister. He thanked BSY Kendra for speaking at the Sadhana Sammana, a two-year backdrop. If this is the case,  I have given your order and made a decision. After lunch, I decided to go back to the palace and resign as chief minister.

Not judgmental, but happy, happy. Modi and Amit Shah, who have allowed Yediyurappa to serve as CM for another two years, have crossed the age of 75 and are not indebted to him  .

Highlights of the B. S. Yediyurappa Speech.

  • To the officers who have stood with me in the last two years and the Government to go smoothly.
  • Salute to the Kargil warriors of the Indian Army who overcame Pakistani sinners who threatened the integrity of the country. 
  •  For those who partook in Tokyo: Five Crore – Gold Medal Winners, Silver Critics Three Crore, Bronze Winners Two Crore.
  • In the Shikaripur taluk, we made a sincere effort to strengthen the party by walking with Basavanabagewadi, Basavakalyana and Shimoga.
  • There was no one in the legislature that day. Of the two who won, I was the only one left when Vasantha Bangara won. I have never seen that before. I am satisfied and satisfied that my duty is to please people.
  • Born in Bhookakere in Mandya district and got involved in the Sangha in Shikaripur, Shimoga. He then stood in the municipality and won. There was a deadly onslaught on the way home from office. But the kindness of the Lord survives. I thought my life was reserved for the people of the state. I am confident that I did the same.
  • I started my job as the then President of the Jana Sangh Taluk and District, and fought for the peasantry and Dalit.
  • I had organized fifty and fifty people in Shimoga. Rajnath Singh was surprised. Sushma Swaraj was surprised at the women’s convention. 
  • I am in this position today for the party’s strengthening work in Karnataka.
  • At that time Vajpayee wanted to be a minister at the Center. But I must party in Karnataka. I never came to Delhi for any reason. When Vajpayee, Advani and Joshi arrived, two hundred people were not joining. But it has changed. The BJP is in the state today. Shikaripura people have made me a MLA seven times. Jana didn’t leave my hand.
  • The PM Modi central government does not give any person who has crossed 75 years. But the most affectionate and affectionate about the BSY was the confidence. Allowing him to become state CM for two years.
  • If Modi and Shah win the next election, India will be a force in the world. I pray that our Modi and Shah pair win in God. 
  • When I did not have a car in Shimoga, we worked on bicycles. The party is strong today. We have all strengthened together. 
  • Achieved by the blessings of the people. Thanks also to media friends. You have shown our good work to the people.
  • In one case the government inevitably formed with the JDS. A year later, he had to give me the CM position. But the father and son began to make some stipulations. But I was not. I can’t forget it.
  • Probably not for the majority of us. This was not an opportunity to win a seat independently. But I am confident that we will win a majority in the future. I will join the activists and strengthen them further.
  • Two years when I took office, I was not allowed to make the Cabinet. Floods and droughts are all around. It was a fire test.
  • For the past one and a half years, covid has been suffering. We tried beyond strength to do it. Modi has said that as a result, Karnataka has been a great force in the entire country.
  • After one or two fire tests, we encountered another heartbreak.
  • I am also indebted to the support of government employees. Worked faithfully on me. Development work was possible in Karnataka.
  • With the cooperation of all, a change could be made. Attempts to further develop and lead the state in the coming days.
  • I have worked hard.
  • Declining confidence in elected representative and officials. Thus, work honestly, many are honest, there is no doubt.
  •  I have given your order and made a decision.
Highlights of Goodbye speech of B. S. Yediyurappa: Yediyurappa's resignation | BSY | Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa.
Highlights of Goodbye speech of B. S. Yediyurappa: Yediyurappa’s resignation | BSY | Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa.

After lunch I decided to go back to the palace and resign as the chief minister. Not judgmental, but happy, happy. I am indebted to Modi, Amit Shah and Nadda who have allowed Yeddyurappa to cross the age of 75 and serve as CM for another two years.