JP Dutta, the director of the film ‘Border’, started receiving death threats | Movies not made to earn money | Loc Kargil.

Many such films have been produced in the Hindi cinema world. In which the feeling of patriotism has been shown very well. Famous film director JP Dutta’s films Border and LOC Kargil are living examples of this, but making these films was not an easy thing for JP Dutta. The director had brought these films on the big screen without worrying about himself and the family.

JP Dutta was in danger of life after making ‘Border’, bodyguards used to live together like a shadow.

Today the whole country is crushed in the celebration of independence. Today every person is celebrating the happiness of being free from the clutches of the British. But even after independence, there is a fight which the soldiers of our country fight till their last breath. One such story was introduced to us by director JP Dutta. The songs of his film ‘Border’ are still on people’s lips. 

Today, 75th Independence Day is being celebrated with great pomp across the country. Songs from patriotic films made in Bollywood are often heard on Independence Day. The Hindi cinema world has made many such films. Who inspires people a lot. Out of these films ‘Border’ and ‘LOC’ Kargil are the main films. Which was made by famous filmmaker JP Dutta.

LOC: Kargil.

During the shooting of these films, JP Dutta had started receiving threats to kill him, but he did not change his decision. It is said that when the film ‘Border’ was released.

Then there were clouds of troubles on JP Dutta’s family. After which again when JP Dutta decided to make the film ‘LOC Kargil’, the family members tried hard to stop him, but JP Dutta did not back down from his words.

JP Dutta started receiving death threats.

The film ‘Border’ made by JP Dutta was based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. In an interview given to Forbes, JP Dutta had told that when the film Border was released, his life was in danger. After which he was given two bodyguards. Those bodyguards always lived with him like a shadow. For about 3-4 months, she spent her life like this.

The story of ‘Border’ was based on the Indo-Pak war of 1971. In a column written for Forbes, JP Dutta told that his life was in danger after the release of the film, after which he was given two armed bodyguards. He told that he always lived like a shadow with him and was together for about 3-4 months. 

Film LOC Kargil clashed with family.

JP Dutta told that the conditions created in ‘Border’. His family was terribly afraid of him. In such a situation, when he decided to make LOC Kargil, his family was completely against him. JP Dutta says that ‘when he argued with his family over making a film and explained to them that we all have to die in some way or the other.

If those soldiers can stand up for the country. He can give his life. So why can’t he die for them? JP Dutta had clearly told his family that he would not back down from his decision. He will definitely do this and will record history.

movies not made to earn money.

JP Dutta further told that he never made films to earn money. Nor did he ever decide to make the film three hours or two and a half hours. The LOC Kargil film was a four-hour film. JP Dutta tells that he had met the officials, so he kept the length of the film the same.

‘I did not make a film to earn money nor for the box office. I didn’t decide to do the film for three hours or two and a half hours. It was a four-hour film and I kept that length as I met the officials. I met their kids, how they grew up, how they fought. Had I cut the film, I would have had to remove his life and his stories from the film. I will never be able to face those families again.

JP Dutta

Not only this, he also met the children of those officers and got to know how they grew up and how they fought. Had he tried to shorten the film, his life and the stories related to his life would have to be removed from the film. Never again will he be able to give respect to those families.

Threats not received after LoC Kargil.

When the film LOC Kargil was released, JP Dutta stopped receiving threats. JP Dutta depicted the 1999 Kargil War in this film.

JP Dutta, the director of the film 'Border', started receiving death threats | Movies not made to earn money | Loc Kargil.
JP Dutta, the director of the film ‘Border’, started receiving death threats | Movies not made to earn money | Loc Kargil.

The film starred Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bachchan, Suniel Shetty, Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpayee, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Esha Deol and Raveena Tandon in the lead roles.