Life certificates must be filed by November 30th, and customers of this bank can deposit through video call.

Life certificates can now be submitted from the convenience of a pensioner’s home. According to the most recent government announcement, retirees aged 80 and under must submit their life certificates by November 30.

Pensioners can now submit life certificates from the comfort of their house

However, submitting the life certificate can be a hassle for those who have to go to the bank or post office to submit the pension certificate. The Life Certificate ensures that the payment does not continue after the pensioner’s death at his/her workplace. Over the years the government, as well as pension disbursing agencies, have come up with innovative ways to facilitate the process of submission of life certificates.

If you are a customer of the State Bank of India (SBI), the video life certificate service was launched on November 1. Pensioners can use this service to submit their life certificates via video call.

SBI tweeted on November 1st, ‘Now submit your #LifeCertificate from the comfort of your own home!’ Our #VideoLifeCertificate service has been launched, allowing retirees to submit their life certificates via a simple video call.

This service is available to anyone who has an SBI account. The individual’s mobile number must be registered with Aadhaar, and the same number must be included in the pension application.

How to take advantage of SBI video life certificate service


Select ‘Video LC’ to start the Video Life Certificate submission process

Enter SBI Pension Account Number and Captcha

OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, enter it

On the new page click on the ‘Start Journey’ option and then click on ‘I am ready’ option

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Once you get the video call service, you will be able to interact with the SBI official

After this, you have to submit the 4 digit verification number appearing on the screen

The officer will take your photograph along with your PAN card and complete the life certificate submission process

If your Video Life Certificate is rejected, you will be informed through SMS.

In this case, you have to visit your bank branch to submit the life certificate.

Life certificates must be filed by November 30th, and customers of this bank can deposit through video call.

It has been told by SBI that this facility is available for pensioners (other than family pensioners). In such a situation, the wife of a pensioner receiving a pension from the government will not be able to use this facility. According to the bank, the process of video life certificates is paperless and free.

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