LoL Enga Siri Papom: Cook With Comali fame Pugazh has now reportedly earned Rs 25 lakh in six hours.

The actor Pugazh, who became famous by participating in the show ‘Cook with Clown’, has earned Rs 25 lakh in 6 hours.

The celebrity, who became famous through the show ‘Cook with a Comali’, has now reportedly earned Rs 25 lakh in six hours.

Famous for participating as a comedian for 2 seasons in the Cook With Comali cooking show aired on Vijay TV.  He has had many opportunities to act as a comedian in many Tamil films following this show.

It is worth mentioning that Cook became famous for his clown appearances in Season 1 and Season 2 and based on that popularity he had amassed opportunities to act in films and is currently starring in about ten films including Surya’s new film

In this situation, Vivek’s last show ‘Lol Enga Siri Papom’ was released on Amazon.  The show was hosted by Vivek and Mirchi Siva.  The contestants of the show were 10 contestants including Satish, Power Star Srinivasan, Aarti, Abhishek, Premji Amaran, Mayakrishnan, fame.  It is worth noting that the rule of the show is that these contestants have to keep others laughing for six hours on the show so that they do not laugh.

Rs 25 lakh salary in 6 hours!  – What did Pugazh do like that?

In this situation, the new comedy show Lol Enga Siri Papom, which was co-hosted by the late Vivek, has been released on Amazon Prime.  Premji was accompanied by many comedians including Satish.  Fame has won the prize money of Rs.  With just 6 hours, the series has gone viral with a gross of Rs 25 lakh.

 With all of these out, the last two celebrities and Abhishek were declared title winners.  This was followed by a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh each for both fame and Abhishek.  It is noteworthy that congratulations have been heaped on the fame of earning Rs 25 lakh in 6 hours.

LoL – Enga Siri Papom – Vivek’s Last Show Review.

It was a reality show hosted by actor Vivek before he died. The series gives the impression that there will be no shortage of comedy as Siva is also hosting with him.


  • Satish
  • Premji Amaran
  • Maya
  • Shyama Harini
  • R.J. Vignesh Kant
  • Harathi
  • Bhargav Ramakrishnan
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Powerstar Srinivasan

Editors: Vivek, Siva; Release: Amazon Prime.

There is a series called Documentary on Amazon Prime directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto. This series is its Tamil version. As the original series is very rough, there is no need to ask about the Tamil format.

The concept of the series.

a house. There are 8 comedians and stage artists in it. Everyone should make the others in the group laugh. The first time someone smiles is a warning. The second time they will be evicted from that house. The last survivors will be considered winners.

A total of six episodes in this series. The only highlight of the series is that the six episodes together last a total of two and a half hours.

None of the contestants laughed out loud from the start of the match until the end. Competition should not be considered as fierce as that. The reason for this is that nothing happens to make you laugh in the overall match.

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Not even a little comedy worked out in these two and a half hours. Worse still, competitors like Satish continue to speak in an awkward manner. At some point they wonder if they can stop watching the series.

How did the popularity of Cook With the comali make you laugh in that series?

But at no point did his attempt succeed. Everyone else in the series spends their time trying to disparage others, trying to talk obscenely, and talking obscenely, without even trying anything to the extent of the humor that comes with school plays.

Vivek and Siva are the only consolation in the series. The scenes come as the two laugh from time to time as they watch the match take place inside the house. Vivek and Siva have a hard time in those scenes and keep smiling.

LoL Enga Siri Papom: Cook With Comali fame Pugazh has now reportedly earned Rs 25 lakh in six hours.
LoL Enga Siri Papom: Cook With Comali fame Pugazh has now reportedly earned Rs 25 lakh in six hours.

One thing is clear only when the series is over. That is, “Where to laugh” is not a challenge for competitors. Challenge for the audience. It’s like a title like this because no one can laugh watching this series.

Hmmm, maybe Vivek should have got another film or series last.