Lunar eclipse 2021 | When and where do you see the first lunar eclipse of the year? | Myths about the eclipse.

Lunar eclipse 2021 | When and where do you see the first lunar eclipse of the year? | Myths about the eclipse.

This year’s first full lunar eclipse will last a total of 5 hours 02 minutes on the 26th of this month. According to religious beliefs, good things should not be done during the eclipse.

Eclipse ( grahanam ).

There are no eclipses in 2021 yet. But there will be a total of 4 eclipses this year. The first of these is a lunar eclipse or blood moon.

That too will be a full lunar eclipse. Eclipses have not only religious and astrological significance, but also scientific significance.

Science professor Sreekumar, in his article on a ring of fire in the sky, said, Eclipse is the shadow of one celestial body caused by the light of the sun.

Eclipse is just a shadow. The shadow of the moon covering the sun falls on the earth. The shadow of the earth falls on the moon. 

We should all watch and enjoy this hide and seek game played by the sun, moon and earth. “

lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).

During a lunar eclipse, the moon loses its light. A black shadow will slowly begin to obscure the moon.

After a while that black shadow fades again and slowly the moon regains its light.

Reasons behind the lunar eclipse.

The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit. It comes around in the shape of a chicken egg.

lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).
lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).

The Earth orbits the Sun in an elliptical orbit. Thus, in the orbit, at the nearest point, its angle increases, and at the farthest point, the viewing angle decreases.

lunar eclipse 2021 in India.

On May 26 the moon comes to a point near the earth. Thus, the image of the moon will be slightly larger.

That’s what we call the Super Moon. On May 26, the full moon, the earth comes between the moon and the sun.

During an eclipse, the earth’s shadow falls on the moon and darkens. That is, the earth casts its shadow on the moon.

Red moon.

On May 26, light scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere will rise over the moon.

The short-wavelength rays are scattered by the atmosphere, and only the high-wavelength red reaches the moon. So, on the moon, it looks like a red moon.

Lunar eclipses of this year 2021 in India.

Here we will look in a little more detail about when lunar and solar eclipses occur this year and where eclipses can be found.

The full moon (Blood moon) May 2021.

The first lunar eclipse was on May 26.

This total lunar eclipse in India will be a shadow eclipse. This lunar eclipse cannot be seen in all parts of India.

Lunar eclipse 2021
Lunar eclipse 2021 | When and where do you see the first lunar eclipse of the year? | Myths about the eclipse.

It is also called the Blood Moon because the Moon appears slightly reddish-orange during this full lunar eclipse.

This is the first full lunar eclipse after January 21, 2019. People can see the eclipse only in some parts of the country.

This lunar eclipse can be seen in the northeastern part of India. People from

1. Nagaland.

2. Mizoram.

3. Assam.

4. Tripura.

5. East Odisha.

6. Arunachal Pradesh.

7. And West Bengal can see this lunar eclipse.

Second lunar eclipse ( Chandra Grahan ).

After that, the second lunar eclipse of this year will take place on November 19, 2021. This lunar eclipse is also found in India.

The eclipse can be seen in the moonlight in Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Assam in India.

solar eclipse 2021 in India.

A solar eclipse completely or partially blocks sunlight when a part of the earth is submerged in the shadow sent by the moon.  This occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned.

First solar eclipse ( Surya Grahan ) 2021.

The first solar eclipse of the year occurs a few days after the lunar eclipse. It takes place on June 10th.

solar eclipse 2021 in India.
First solar eclipse ( Surya Grahan ) 2021.

This will be a partial solar eclipse. It will start at 01:42 pm and end at 6:41 pm.

The eclipse will occur over large areas of

1. the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

2. Asia.

3. Europe.

4. North Africa.

5. West Africa.

6. And North America.

This eclipse is not fully known in India. But this can only be seen in a few parts of India.

The eclipse will occur in parts of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast and parts of Jammu and Kashmir shortly before its end.

Second Solar eclipse of 2021.

This is followed by a solar eclipse on December 4. This solar eclipse is not known in India.

Eclipses occur in

1. South Africa.

2. South Australia.

3. Southern and South America.

4. the Pacific.

5. the Atlantic.

6. the Indian Ocean.

7. And Antarctica.

Total solar eclipse and partial eclipse.

This occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and completely obscures the sunlight behind it. This phenomenon is called total solar eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse is when the moon comes between the sun and the earth and partially obscures the sun behind it.

At this time, not all of the sun’s light reaches the earth. This part of the state is called the solar eclipse.

An annual solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth.

But it does not completely obscure the sun, only it’s center. At this point, the sun appears as a ring when viewed from Earth.

According to religious beliefs, eclipses are considered a harmful event. Therefore, it is considered forbidden to do certain deeds during this period, especially not to do good deeds. Worship at the temple is forbidden during the eclipse. Statues of deities and deities should not be touched at this time. All the doors of the temples should be closed at this time.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnant Women During the Eclipse.

The event of the earth coming between the sun and the moon is called a lunar eclipse. When a lunar eclipse occurs, the earth comes between the sun and the moon and obscures the sun’s light from falling on the moon. So the moon cannot reflect sunlight during a lunar eclipse.

During a lunar eclipse, two types of shadows appear on the moon. They are called Penumbra and Umbra.

The black shadow is the dense shadow that occurs at the center of the moon during a lunar eclipse.

External shadows are low-density shadows that occur at the edges of the moon.

Myth ( Superstitions ) about lunar eclipses.

Although astronomers give clear explanations about eclipses, there are various misconceptions about them.

The Indian people in particular view the lunar eclipse as a bad omen.

There have long been various myths and superstitions that if a lunar eclipse comes it will affect pregnant women.

Such superstitions have been planted in the minds of Indians for a long time and even now many Indians believe in them and take very little preventive measures when a lunar eclipse occurs.

If the polluted light rays emitted during a lunar eclipse fall on us it will affect our physical health.

So there is a belief among the people that we should take care that those rays do not come on us. Also lunar eclipse can affect pregnant women.

In addition, they are believed to affect the physical and mental health of babies growing in the womb.

Based on that belief, you can find out in this post what pregnant women should and should not do during a lunar eclipse.

Do not use sharp objects.

Pregnant women should not use sharp objects such as knives, scissors and needles during a lunar eclipse.

Because the body parts of babies growing in the womb are affected by these sharp objects.

Do not eat during the eclipse.

Pregnant women should not eat during a lunar eclipse. This is because the bad rays emitted during the eclipse contaminate the food.

If pregnant women have such unhygienic food it will affect their health and the health of the unborn child.

Once the food is cooked at home, you should add basil leaves to the diet.

Do not take medicine.

Husband-wife should avoid having sex during a lunar eclipse.

Do not take medicine during the eclipse, do not touch the idol of the gods, do not sleep.

Do not watch the eclipse.

If pregnant women see a lunar eclipse directly, it will directly affect their physical and mental health.

So it is better to avoid pregnant women leaving home during a lunar eclipse.

Is advised, take a bath after the eclipses.

After the lunar eclipse, pregnant women are advised to take a bath.

If not bathed, it is believed to cause skin problems for babies growing in the womb. To avoid the dangers of lunar eclipses, pregnant women should take a bath after the eclipse.

All of the above instructions are unscientific beliefs that have long been told to us by myths. But it is better to act with the understanding that these unsubstantiated beliefs have nothing to do with science.