Metti Oli Uma: Metti Oli Serial actress Uma Maheshwari passed away due to ill health.

Metti Oli Serial Viji Uma Maheshwari: Actress Uma Maheshwari played the role of Viji opposite Thirumurugan’s character Gopi.

Metti Oli Serial actress Viji Uma Maheshwari Passed away.

Actress Uma Maheshwari, who played the role of Viji in the Metti oli serial, has passed away today.

Serial Metti Oli, which aired on Sun TV in 2002. No one can forget the song ‘Ammi Ammi Ammi Mithithu’ in its title. The melodic sound serial was so popular among the people.

The sudden death of Uma Maheshwari has shocked iconic celebrities. Many people are mourning her death.

Metti Oli Serial fame Uma Maheswari Biography.

Actress Uma Maheswari is famous for playing the Vijayalakshmi character of Viji as the third sister in the Metti Oli. She was paired with Thirumurugan who played the hero Gopi character in this serial. She has also starred in serials including The Story of a Story, Yellow Glory. In Malayalam, she acted as the heroine in the movie E Bhargavi Nilayam.

She would have acted as Murali’s younger sister in the Tamil hit film Kodikattu. He continued to act in films like Alli Arjuna, Thinking of You. Vijay has also acted in some serials on TV. Uma, who did not act in serials after her marriage, attended the Kitchen Superstar show on Vijay TV. Vanja, who played the character of Leela in the Met sound series, is the co-born sister of Uma Maheshwari. Since he did not get a chance to act in serials after marriage, he started his own business. He was also looking for an opportunity to act on the iconic screen again. Uma Maheshwari, who lives in the forest area of ​​Chennai, is said to have been in treatment for the past few days. Uma Maheshwari died suddenly this morning due to ill health. He is 40 years old.

Metti Oli Uma: Metti Oli Serial actress Uma Maheshwari passed away due to ill health.
Metti Oli Uma: Metti Oli Serial actress Uma Maheshwari passed away due to ill health.

Director Thirumurugan himself directed the Metti Oli serial and played the lead role. Thirumurugan was accompanied by many actors like Delhi Kumar, Kaveri, Gayathri, Vanaja, Uma, Rekha, Chetan, Uma Maheshwari, Neelima Rani, Bose Venkat. Even though many years have passed since the end of this serial, people are still talking about the metti Oli serial.

Metti Oli Serial

The most popular serial on Sun TV. Directed by Thirumurugan, the serial became a full-fledged family serial and was well received.

Thirumurugan’s role in the Gobi to the opposite, Viji and the role played by the actress Uma Maheshwari. He is now 40 years old and passed away today due to ill health.

The multi-hit serial is being rebroadcast during Lockdown. The serial is still being aired as it still has a large fan base and good reception.

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