Mohini Ekadashi 2021 | what is special | Learn its glory and worship.

Mohini Ekadasi 2021 year 2021, two days special in the month of May. These two days are dedicated to Vishnu. By observing this day, God will fulfill your will. Shukla Paksha Ekadashi of Vaishakh month is called Mohini Ekadashi. This time Mohini Ekadashi is 23 my 2021.

On the day of Ekadasi, worship of Vishnu is performed along with all the rituals of Vishnu. tell me here on this day God appeared as Mohini.

Shukla Paksha Ekadasi.

Ekadasi is fasted every month on the dates of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. There are 24 Ekadasi in a year. Each month Ekadashi has a different name and different significance.

Mohini Ekadashi 2021 | what is special | Learn its glory and worship.
Mohini Ekadashi 2021 | what is special | Learn its glory and worship.

The Shukla Paksha Ekadasi of the month of Vaishak is called the Mohini Ekadasi. This time Mohini Ekadasi on 23 May 2021.

On the day of Ekadasi, the worship of Vishnu is abandoned along with all the rituals of Vishnu.

It is believed that fasting Ekadashi on this day removes all sorrows and frees the person from all bondage and attachment.

Reason for Mohini form of Lord Vishnu.

According to the scriptures, when Amirtha Kalash came out at the time of capturing the sea, there was a controversy over this matter between the gods and the demons. All the gods sought help from Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Mohini to divert the attention of demons from Amirtha Kalashi. After this, all the gods performed Amirtpana.

Special about this day (Mohini Ekadashi).

One will get good result by fasting on this day. Ekadasi fasting is observed on Dwadashi Tithi.

Special about this day (Mohini Ekadashi).
Special about this day (Mohini Ekadashi).

Fasting should be eaten once a day on Dashmi Tithi. One has to remember after giving up the sense of luxury of Vishnu from the mind.

In Ekadashi, bathing during sunrise should solve the fast. One should recite the Bhagavad Gita.

The special significance of Mohini Ekadashi is stated in these Ekadasi dates. Ekadasi fasting is also mentioned in the Mahabharata period.

By the order of Sri Krishna, Dharmaraja Yudhisthira completed the fast for Ekadashi. He himself told Yudhisthira and Arjuna about the importance of Ekadashi.

By observing the fast of Mohini Ekadashi, one fulfills all kinds of desires and gets rid of the problems that come in life.

Auspicious time for Mohini Ekadashi.

Two days in May 2021 are very special. This day is May 22 and 23. God will fulfill your will on this day. May 22 and 23 are dedicated to Vishnu.

The Ekadasi date will start from May 22. This Ekadasi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh is called Mohini Ekadasi.

God fulfills everyone’s wishes on this day. The Ekadasi date on May 22 starts at 9:15 am and ends on May 23 at 6:42 am.

Paran time starts on May 23 from 1.40 pm to 4.25 pm. Harivasar completion time at Paran Tithi is 11:56 am.

On the day of Mohini Ekadasi, Vishnu is worshiped as Mohini. On this day, devotees pray to Vishnu except for feelings of slander, greed and evil.

On this day, take a bath in the morning and give Arghaya to Lord Surya.

Worship Vishnu after this. Offer tulsi, flowers, fruits and panchamiruthas during pooja. On this day, the devotees make falahar and after feeding the Brahmins the next day, eat themselves.

On the day of Mohini Ekadasi, recite the Rama Raksha. Do not lie to anyone on this day, do not get angry.

On the next day of the fast, donate food items to the poor person.

Mohini Ekadashi Pooja.

On Mohini Ekadasi day, get up in the morning and clean the house. Then take a shower and set up an outpost in the house of worship. Spread the yellow cloth on this post and place the statue of Vishnu on it. Worship Vishnu and read the story of Sumatra Manthan.

Things to remember on Mohini Ekadashi.

Many precautions should be taken on Ekadasi. some of them are

  • Eating rice is forbidden on this day.
  • Those who are fasting should sleep only on the floor.
  • Do not forget to break the basil leaves on this day.  By doing this, sin rises.
  • Do not insult the elderly and do not fight with anyone.