Mullaipperiyar: Mullaperiyar dam opened; Red alert on Idukki dam | Direction of water flow.

Shutters of Mullaipperiyar dam opened | 534 cubic feet of water is flowing out of Mullaperiyar.

Mullaperiyar Dam Shutters Opened.

The two shutters of the Mullaipperiyar Dam in Kerala, Tamilnadu, were opened at 7.25 am on Friday. It was originally scheduled for 7 p.m. But it was delayed due to technical hindrance. Shutters 3 and 4 were opened, said Revenue Minister K.S. Rajan told News18. The elevation is 0.35 m.

Mullaperiyar dam opened. A spillway shutter of the dam opened at 7.30am on Friday. A second shutter opened shortly after. Tamil Nadu opened two shutters after the water level in the catchment area of ​​the dam increased to 138 feet. Meanwhile, the Idukki dam is likely to open on Friday evening if the rains intensify. Preparations for it have been completed. When the water level in Idukki dam reached 2398.32 feet, a red alert was issued.

In the context of the opening of Mullaperiyar, all the departments are working together to allay the concerns of the people. More than 2,000 families have been relocated. The people’s representatives, including two ministers, had camped here. Revenue Minister K. Rajan and Water Resources Minister Roshi Augustine are camping in the area.

Mullaperiyar Dam Water Flow Direction

The water level had risen to 138 feet due to heavy rains. The water level in the dam was 138.70 feet at 6 am on Friday.

This is to release the water to keep the water level at 138 feet until October 31st. According to Tamil Nadu, 534 cubic feet of water is flowing out of the Mullaperiyar.

Mullaipperiyar: Mullaperiyar dam opened; Red alert on Idukki dam | Direction of water flow.
Mullaipperiyar: Mullaperiyar dam opened; Red alert on Idukki dam | Direction of water flow.

Each of the two shutters discharges 267 cubic feet of water and 534 cubic feet of water.

The water released through the spillway is expected to reach the boat dock via the Periyar within 20 minutes. It joins the Idukki Reservoir via Manjumala, Vandiperiyar, Mlamala, Chapath, Aladi and Upputhara.

The Kerala ministers said that the Kerala government is ready to face any situation that may arise after the shutters of the Mullaperiyar dam are raised. Kerala Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine has announced that people below the Mullaperiyar Dam will be evacuated ahead of the Tamil Nadu shutters being raised.

Mullaperiyar Dam History.

The 126 year old Mullaperiyar Dam was built in 1895 on the Periyar River in Idukki district.

The UN Research University recently said in a report that the Mullaperiyar Dam is out of date and is in danger, as are many other dams that are more than 50 years old.

The storage capacity of Mullaperiyar Dam is 12.758 TMC of water. Idukki has 70.5 TMC. If the water level in Mullaperiyar is kept at 138 feet, the water level in Idukki Dam will rise by only a quarter of a foot. The Idukki Dam was opened when the water level reached 2398.08 feet with a storage capacity of 2398.3l feet. Therefore, Idukki will be able to contain the water released from the Mullaperiyar, said Minister Roshi Augustine.

Mullaperiyar opens for the third time in seven years.

The Mullaperiyar Dam will open for the third time after raising its maximum storage capacity from 136 feet to 142 feet. In May 2014, permission was granted to raise the water level to 142 feet. In December of the same year, the water level reached 140 feet. Though the dam was expected to open, the water level was controlled by pouring more water into the Vaigai Dam in Tamil Nadu. This eliminates the need to open the shutter.

On the night of December 7, 2015, the water level reached 142 feet and water flowed out through five spillway shutters. There was no significant damage on the Periyar coast at that time. The second dam was opened in August 2018. 6.5 TMC in nine days. The water flowed. With this, Tamil Nadu had to flood on the morning of August 15 without even warning the Idukki district administration.

At times, up to eight lakh liters of water per second flowed into the Periyar. This flooded the banks of the Periyar. The shutters of the dam were closed on August 23 when the water level dropped to 139.99 feet. This time the water level in the Periyar river is very low. Even if the amount of water flowing out of the dam is high, it is believed that the Periyar coast dwellers have nothing to fear.

Relief camps to relocate residents along the banks of the Periyar opened on Thursday morning

The water level in the 24 km Mullaiyar from Mullaperiyar to Idukki is likely to rise below about 60 cm. A total of 1,079 people from 350 families affected by the two-foot-high flood have been evacuated. 35 members of 11 families were shifted to Vandiperiyar Mohana Auditorium and 19 members of four families were shifted to Vandiperiyar St. Joseph English Medium School and set up camp. Others have moved into relatives’ homes.

Seven villages in three taluks have been found to be completely relocated. All the preparations made during the opening of the Idukki Dam have been taken ahead of the opening of the Mullaperiyar Dam. All the departments like Revenue, Health, Fire Force, Forest and Police have formed special teams and completed the security arrangements. Police patrolled the area with evacuated houses. Emergency medical facilities have been set up at Kattappana and Peermede Taluk Hospitals and Vandiperiyar Community Health Center.

Relief camps to relocate residents along the banks of the Periyar opened on Thursday morning. 20 camps were opened in seven villages in Peermede, Idukki and Udumbanchola taluks. A few arrived at the camps in the morning. By evening, more people had arrived at the camp. A warning was also given through a loudspeaker in the vehicle Thursday morning. The notice was to move to a camp or safe place set up by the government.

Documents including Aadhaar and ration card, clothes and essential items should be taken care of. A team comprising Revenue-Panchayat-Police officials and people’s representatives went to the houses and gave instructions directly. Most of the people are willing, but there are those who say they will not change. There were incidents of non-provision of traffic lights and non-passage of roads on the banks of the Periyar, which led to harassment of officials and people’s representatives.

The Minister said that the barriers in Mullayar have been removed to facilitate the flow of water. It has been directed to keep all the gates of the estates open for rescue operations. There are 24 hour control rooms at the district level in the village, taluk and collectorate. The fire brigade is equipped with all the security equipment, the minister said.

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