Mumbai Police: Waje used to collect money from speculators on Parambir’s orders.

In the case of former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh, a fresh and intriguing twist has emerged. Former police officer Sachin Waje used to collect money from cricket bettors on Parambir Singh’s orders, according to Mumbai Police.

According to the authorities, Waje and wanted offender Parambir Singh extorted a large sum of money from cricket match bettors by feigning fear of being arrested. The court was told that the manner in which this was accomplished needed to be probed. The criminal department further stated that they wanted to find out if Waje took money in Singh’s name and if anyone else assisted him in the extortion. The criminal section stated that it wanted to know who took the extortion money and who gave it to. According to police, the crime division wants to find out how many more crimes the accused committed in a similar manner.

The police said in court that Waje is close to Parambir Singh and that the crime department wants to question him about Singh. The complainant’s (Agarwal’s) voice samples have been sent for forensic testing, and the statements of the witnesses have been recorded, according to the police. The complainant’s phone, which he gave to Sachin Waje as extortion, has also been confiscated, according to the court.

The complainant, Agarwal, said that he was asked Rs 9 lakh in cash and cell phones worth Rs 2.92 lakh so that his two bars and eateries would not be raided. The incident occurred between January 2020 and March 2021, according to the authorities.

Sachin Wajhe has been sacked and Parambir singh is missing!

To inform you that Sachin Wajhe has been sacked and that Parambir Singh has been missing for a long time and is wanted on a non-bailable warrant. Waje’s police custody was extended till November 13 by a judge on Saturday. Waje was detained in Goregaon, Mumbai, on extortion accusations after a restaurant owner filed a complaint. Parambir Singh and Sachin Waje used to threaten cricket bookies with FIRs and extort money from them, according to public prosecutor Shekhar Jagtap.

In the extortion case, Parambir Singh has been named the principal suspect, and a non-bailable warrant has been issued against him. The Mumbai Police Department told the court on Saturday that it wants to look into if Waje used to extort money from other persons at Singh’s request. Waje was also close to Singh, according to the police, and the location of the former Mumbai Police chief might be traced through him. According to the authorities, they also want to know how the money was distributed and where the meeting took place.

In a case of extortion and violation of the Arms Act, a Thane Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Parambir Singh. RJ Tambe, Thane Chief Judicial Magistrate, issued the warrant. According to the court’s order, there is a case against Parambir Singh under sections of the Extortion and Arms Act, thus the police must arrest him and bring him before the court.

Sachin’s Diary has revelead some secrets

According to Sachin Waje Diary sources, the money was recovered at a Mumbai hookah parlor bar. The first area of the parlor’s name is written in the diary, followed by the first letter of the parlor’s name, and then H or B. Then, if the money is in lakhs, the letter L is written, and if it is in thousands, the letter K is written. Like A Hookah Parlor In Andheri, His Name Is Heaven, He Gave 2 Lakhs, And His Code Word Is AHH2L.

The National Investigation Agency is attempting to determine who went to whom.