Mysore Dasara 2021 LIVE UPDATES: A Countdown to the Historical Jambu savari.

The countdown to the historic Jambusavari of the Mysore Dasara, this time due to the coronation, commenced today (Friday), with limited preparation for the palace premises.

Mysore Dasara 2021

Dasara is being celebrated for the second consecutive year as the Kovid third wave precautionary measure. Around 500 dignitaries will have the opportunity to watch the waterproof pendulum. Elsewhere, public access is restricted.

Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai will be conducting the Nandidhwaja Pooja at the palace gate of the palace at 4.36 pm to 4.46 pm on the 15th. Vijaya Dashami will perform a Jambusavari at the Palace premises at 5 pm. The chief guests at this occasion were Yadavir Krishna, a dynasty Chamaraja Wodeyar, Mysore District Minister in charge of ST. Somashekhar, Mayor Sunanda Palanetra and MLA SA Ramdas, MP Pratap Sinha will attend.

Access to the public is prohibited

In the wake of covid, public access to the palace premises has been banned and the area where the palace jambosavari is being held has been declared a zero zone. Gopalaswamy’s elephant in Srirangapatna has been held in Mysore as the elephant was paralyzed with half a parade.

No fireworks or fireworks of any kind, other than crafts. Except elephants, maoons, kawadis, and personnel assigned to duty, no one should be on the line. Against this backdrop, the police took great care.

Police tightened around the palace Bandobast

The police have taken steps to tighten Bandobast against any unpleasant incident between Dasara. Traffic on the roads surrounding the palace is prohibited. Mysore City Police Commissioner Chandragupta checked the preparation, created various teams and assigned them to duty.

Mysore Dasara 2021 LIVE UPDATES: A Countdown to the Historical Jambu savari.
Mysore Dasara 2021 LIVE UPDATES: A Countdown to the Historical Jambu savari.

‘All the preparations for the Jambusavari have been completed. Elephants have completed their workout. Due to the lack of manners, elephants in the jungle and Lakshmi elephants who arrived for the first time do not participate in the Jambuswari. All the other elephants have adapted to the atmosphere, ”DCF Karikalan said.

Only six stanzas will take part in the Jambusavari parade

Only six stanzas will take part in the Jambusavari parade, which will be held inside the palace courtyard. During the great Dussehra there were many silent films. In the year 2020, only two silent films participated.

Mysore Urban Development Authority Mysore is building a silent film on group houses. The district health and family welfare department, ‘Let’s Pray for Corona-Free Karnataka’, will shed light on what precautionary measures should be taken. The Department of Agriculture and Horticulture will be presenting information on comprehensive agriculture, environmental conservation and specializing in concerts.

Abhimanyu with gold Ambari outlet weighing 750 kg

The final workout of the Gazetteers for the Jambusavari has been completed. Captain Abhimanyu Elephant will be leaving the golden Ambari weighing 750 kg and will be joining the Kaveri and Chaitra Kumki elephants. During the Jambuswari season, maneuvers are flown 21 times. Elephants and cavalry horses have been rehearsed for this news.

Abhimanyu will unveil the golden ambiance at the Jambu Savari parade, which will be held at the Palace premises in a simple and traditional manner. It is expected to be completed in about half an hour by going over 800 meters.

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