There is no charge to pay the haircut: Devotees happy to come to Palani temple | tnhrce Palani Temple.

Devotees were happy to see the implementation of the first free shaving scheme at the Palani temple on the orders of the Tamil Nadu government from today.

Palani Murugan Temple.

Palani Murugan Temple is one of the 3 houses of sacrifice. Millions of devotees visit this place on festival days including Thaipusam and Panguni Uttar. Apart from this, the temple attracts a large number of devotees on weekends and other days.

It is customary for most of the devotees who come to pay their dues. For the convenience of the devotees, the temple administration has set up hairdressing salons at 6 places including Thiruavinankudi temple, Saravanapoyikai, North Kiriveedi and West Kiriveedi.

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Minister Sekarbabu has said that all temples under the control of the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs in Tamil Nadu will no longer be charged for hair donations. Consequently this practice has come into operation in all the temples from today.

Thousands of devotees visit Palani, the 3rd Battalion house, daily. It is visited by millions of devotees during festivals and festivities. The Palani temple was reopened today for the worship of devotees today after the weekend.

Devotees visiting the temple can pay their respects at Saravana Poikai, near the Kudamulu Memorial Hall on Giri Road, near the Pada Ganesha Temple and near the electric traction railway station.

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Here the temple administration has so far charged Rs 30 per person. Currently that fee has been canceled from today. Those who come to pay their respects can pay their dues by getting a free token at the counter there.

Apart from this, there is also a place to pay tribute to the hair alone without causing congestion. Devotees have welcomed this.

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According to Surya from Salem, this order of the Tamil Nadu government has been very well received by the devotees. Devotees coming to the temple have created a situation where it is enough to bring money only for the cost of the bus. People nearby have come on foot to pay their respects, bathe in the pool, see Murugan, eat free food and go home satisfied.

According to Gopal Krishnan, the livelihoods of many people have been affected by the corona curfew. In such an environment, people are relying only on God to pay their respects. He said the cancellation would benefit the poor and middle class as it has been charged so far. online ticket booking palani.

Sivakumar (Dharapuram): – This practice of the government is very welcome. Very useful especially for poor, simple devotees. This is because it costs more to have more than 5 devotees in a family come and pay tribute. If you want to go to the temple with this announcement, the cost of transportation is enough. Otherwise the vision does not have to cost for the haircut. We welcome this.  

There is no charge to pay the haircut: Devotees happy to come to Palani temple | tnhrce Palani Temple.
There is no charge to pay the haircut: Devotees happy to come to Palani temple | tnhrce Palani Temple.

Parimala (Dharmapuri): – As the corona curfew has affected livelihoods, this announcement is useful for the poor-middle class devotees. Because thousands of devotees pay homage to Palani. This will significantly reduce the cost of visiting the temple.

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Since the temple was opened today after 3 days and today is the day of the new moon, a large number of devotees had come to the temple early in the morning. They waited in a long line and went to see Lord Murugan.