TN Local Body Election Results LIVE UPDATES: DMK leads in 61 seats and AIADMK in 3 seats

Local Body Election Results: The results of the counting of votes have been made available on the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission website at https // Follow this link to know the election results immediately.

Local Body Election Results Tamil Nadu LIVE UPDATE.

Local Body Election Results: Rural Local Government Elections in nine districts of Tamil Nadu including Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Villupuram were held on October 6 and 9 in two phases. Elections were held for positions including nine district committee chairs, 74 panchayat union leaders, and 2,901 panchayat leaders

The turnout was 77.43 percent in the first round and 78.47 percent in the second round. In addition, 70.51 percent of the vote was cast in the vacant local government elections in 28 districts. Ballot boxes are all placed at 74 centers across the state.

In this election each has cast 4 votes on separate ballots. The votes for the village panchayat ward member were cast on a white ballot, the village panchayat head on a pink ballot, the panchayat union ward member on a green ballot and the district panchayat member on a yellow ballot.

40 separate tables have been set up for the counting of votes. The votes will be counted at the respective counting centers and the details of the winners and losers will be announced over the loudspeaker with the approval of the constituency.

Arrangements have been made to videotape all these activities and monitor them in web streaming mode from the State Election Commission.

The vote count will take place with corona security precautions. Thus the public is not allowed except the candidate and the agent at the place where the counting of votes takes place

The results of the counting of votes will be made available on the website of the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission at https //

TN Local Body Election Results LIVE UPDATES: DMK leads in 58 seats and AIADMK in 3 seats.
TN Local Body Election Results LIVE UPDATES: DMK leads in 58 seats and AIADMK in 3 seats.

Voting starts at 8 a.m. today. According to the old system, elections are held on the basis of ballot papers. Due to this, the turnout is likely to continue for a day.

All counting centers have 3 layers of security. The inauguration ceremony of the winners is scheduled to take place on the 20th.

Local body election results 2021 Tamilnadu.

Rural local government situation in Tamil Nadu

With the counting of votes for the Tamil Nadu rural local body elections taking place on that day, the DMK is currently leading in 61 seats and the AIADMK in 3 seats in the contest for district councilors.

In 9 District Rural Local Government Elections, DMK is leading in 58 seats and AIADMK in 3 seats as of 3 pm.

Delay in counting of votes in Vasudevanallur area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTenkasi district

In the Vasudevanallur Panchayat Union of the Tenkasi District, it has been reported that even in one of the 13 wards, the results of one of the 13 wards have not yet been declared due to the delay in the counting of votes.

Palayankottai Panchayat Union DMK alliance wins 3 seats

Nellai District Palayankottai Panchayat Union DMK’s Tirupati in 4th Ward, Deivanai of Congress in 5th Ward and Thangapandian of DMK in 6th Ward have won.

District Councilor Election; DMK leads in 56 seats and AIADMK in 3 seats.

In 9 district rural local government elections, DMK has won 56 seats and AIADMK 3 seats.

The BJP candidate who got only one vote

BJP candidate Karthi, who contested in the Coimbatore Gurudampalayam Panchayat 9 ward by-election, lost by only one vote. With only 5 votes in his family, he received only one vote.

Nellai District Manor Panchayat Union 2nd Ward AIADMK candidate wins

Nellai District Manor Panchayat Union 2nd Ward AIADMK candidate Muthupandi has won by a margin of 661 votes.

DMK wins Kumarachchi Union Council elections

DMK has won the 19th ward council election of the next Kumarachchi Union in Kattumannarkoil. DMK candidate Shankar has won by 181 votes more than AIADMK candidate Sundaramoorthy.

The candidate who wins by a margin of one vote

Kadal Mani has won the contest for the post of Trichy Sirumarudur Panchayat President by a margin of one vote.

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