TV actress Kishwer Merchant gave birth to a son, Suyash Rai became a father | Baby Rai came home.

Actress Kishwer Merchant and actor Suyyash Rai have become parents. He has given this good news to the fans by sharing a photo of himself on Instagram.

Kishwer Merchant gave birth to a son, said – welcome baby Rai.

Famous TV actresses Kishwer Merchant and Suyash Rai have become parents. Kishwar has given birth to a son. After the arrival of this news, fans and celebs are congratulating the couple on social media. Kishwer Merchant has shared the joy of becoming a mother with people by sharing a great photo on Instagram. The actress has told through the caption that her son was born on 27 August i.e. Friday. It can be seen in the photo how happy Kishwar Merchant and Suyash Rai are looking with their baby.

A little guest has arrived at the house of TV actors Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai. The actress has shared the news of Kishwer Merchant becoming a mother by sharing a cute photo on Instagram. In the photo, she is seen with husband and child. Along with the fans of the actress, celebs are wishing her the best of becoming a mother. The couple has been married for almost six years.

Kishwer Merchantt Becomes Mother.

The couple has shared the news of becoming parents on Instagram. She writes on Insta, ‘Welcomed baby Rae on 27 August 2021. This is son.’ Close to 50 thousand likes have come on this post shared about 22 minutes ago. Kishwar has often been sharing photos with her baby bump on Instagram.

27.08.21… Welcome baby Rai. Son is born.” The actress has also added the hashtag ‘Sukish Ka Baby’ in the caption. The actress has also enjoyed her pregnancy days a lot. She constantly shared her beautiful pictures with baby bump among fans. In the past, the actress shared a photo and wrote, “You have made me very beautiful in these 9 months and you have made this time very easy for me. Now I am waiting to see your face, want to hold you, I want to smell, want to have a baby with you, want to grow up. Everyone is waiting for you to come. I am happy and nervous because I want everything to be perfect when you come.

Sharing the photo, Kishwer Merchant wrote

According to media reports, Suyash had organized a baby shower ceremony with his family and close friends in the month of June. While many celebs like to share the happy moments of their little ones with the world, Kishwar and Suyash have decided to keep their child away from social media for almost 40 days.

Kishwer merchant baby.

Suyash had said in a conversation with Spotboye, ‘Those who are showing their children on social media, it is their decision. Parents have every right to decide. I think Kishwar is someone who loves being on social media. They have their own world. If she, being a mother, wants to put her child’s photo on social media, then I will not stop her, because it is her wish. But we have decided that as per the old tradition, we will not show our child’s photo for 40 and 50 days. After 40 days, if we want to, we will do so. It totally depends on us.

TV actress Kishwer Merchant gave birth to a son, Suyash Rai became a father | Baby Rai came home.
TV actress Kishwer Merchant gave birth to a son, Suyash Rai became a father | Baby Rai came home.

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Let us inform that Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai met for the first time on the sets of serial ‘Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani’ and got married in December 2016 after dating each other for 6 years. Kishwer Merchant also participated in the 9th season of Bigg Boss. Kishwer Merchant has won the hearts of people with his brilliant acting in TV shows like ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, ‘Ek Hasina Tha’ and ‘Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani’ and ‘Brahmarakshas’.