What happened after 30 bullets fired at Indira Gandhi? How did 3 thousand Sikhs die the very next day?

New Delhi. The 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots (1984 Anti-Sikh Riots) is seen as a dark chapter in the history of India, about which the Congress often comes on the backfoot. November 1 is the date on which the first Sikh was killed in East Delhi and since then the riots started. 

However, its background was prepared only after the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31 October. Indira Gandhi was shot dead by two Sikh guards at her residence. He was taken to AIIMS in an injured condition, where he died during treatment. Indira Gandhi was shot 30 times.

Indira Gandhi was shot dead at 9.20 am On October 31, at 9:20 am, two Sikh security guards of Indira Gandhi shot dead her at her residence itself. After this Indira was hurriedly taken to AIIMS. During treatment there, he died at 10.50 am.

The slogan ‘Khoon ka Badla Khoon’ outside AIIMS

On October 31, a crowd gathered around AIIMS. Slogans of blood for blood started chanting. According to several media reports, Congress MP Sajjan Kumar and trade union leader Lalit Maken gave Rs 100 notes and liquor bottles to the attackers.

All India Radio reported the murder
at 11 a.m. All India Radio was told that the guards who shot Indira Gandhi were Sikhs. After this, gradually the anger among the people increased. Rajiv Gandhi returned to AIIMS from West Bengal at around 4 pm. At the same time, at 5.30 pm, the convoy of President Zail Singh, who was returning from a foreign trip, was pelted with stones as soon as he reached AIIMS.

A terrible anger broke out
against the Sikhs, after which the anger of the people against the Sikhs erupts. The first Sikh is killed in East Delhi on 1 November. By morning, many streets in Delhi were occupied by the mob. Gurdwaras were targeted. Areas like Mangolpuri, Shahdara, Trilokpuri, Geeta, Sultanpuri and Palam Colony were the most affected. 

What happened after 30 bullets fired at Indira Gandhi? How did 3 thousand Sikhs die the very next day?
What happened after 30 bullets fired at Indira Gandhi? How did 3 thousand Sikhs die the very next day?

Thousands of people died in the riots.

Curfew was announced in Delhi on November 2, but not implemented. However, the army was deployed all over the city. The government estimates that around 2800 Sikhs were killed in the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. At the same time, according to some media reports, the death toll in the entire country ranges from about 8 to 17 thousand. The first high-profile conviction for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in December 2018 coincided with the arrest of Congress leader Sajjan Kumar, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Delhi High Court. 

“When a big tree falls, the earth shakes a little” On
19 November 1984, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi gave a controversial statement in front of the crowd gathered at the Boat Club. He had said, when Indira was assassinated, there were some riots in our country. We know how angry the people of India got. Whenever a big tree falls, the earth shakes a little

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