How to get a birth certificate in India?.

The birth certificate is not a strange document, it only reveals your date of birth according to your view. It is an essential document that is required in many areas of life. In this article, we will learn how to get a birth certificate and its importance.

Importance of birth certificate:

The birth certificate is an important personal document used for:

1. Your legal identity

2. Your age, gender and nationality

3. In connection with applying for a foreign trip or passport

4. An essential document related to applying for health services, a social insurance number or a driver’s license

5. Enrollment of children in school

6. In connection with the settlement of a garden

7. Proof of eligibility for old age pension

8. To get the benefits available to senior citizens.

9. Establish your age for joining and retiring from services.

10. If you are lucky enough to live a long life, this is the best proof of this.

  Many more reasons may have escaped my mind.  Most of the above.

Is a birth certificate a legal document?

Yes, the birth certificate is a legal document because there is legal support for the validity of its contents, which are duly certified by the authorized department of the government of the country of issue.

The birth certificate is accepted by all agencies as true to the extent of its certified contents.

However, you can attach an affidavit with the birth certificate confirming that the certificate is genuine and that NM is not hidden or misunderstood. This will add more reliability.

How do we apply for birth certificate?.

Documents needed for application:

1. Proof of birth letter at the hospital – This will be issued by the hospital at the time of birth.

2. Birth certificates of parents

3. Address Certificate: Self attested copy of any of the following documents

4. Voter ID card

5. Electricity / Gas / Water / Telephone Bill

6. Passport

7. Valid ration card

8. Aadhar card

In this modern era, you can apply for a birth certificate in two ways.

1. Online process.

2. Offline process.

Now I will explain the proper steps to apply for a birth certificate in each option.

Online process:

1. Birth must be reported through a website within 21 days of the event. Link for registering online –

How to get birth certificate?.
The official website for applying for a birth certificate in India.

2. Print the application and send it to the concerned registrar (not above the post) at the given address. The address will appear at the bottom of the application. Take other necessary documents with you.

3. You will receive a confirmation mail at the email id you provided.

4. Users will be notified of the status of the application by email as soon as the application is received by the concerned registrar.

5. To check the status, enter the application reference number on the website.

After the whole process, the birth certificate will be issued at the address you provided.

Offline process:

1. If a baby is born in a hospital, the medical officer in charge will issue a discharge card and a letter.

2. Go to your corporation or panchayat and submit the documents to get the birth certificate form.

3. Fill out the form within 21 days of birth. If there is a delay, police verification will be conducted.

4. The Municipal Authority will then check the details and if everything is in the correct place, the birth certificate will be issued and delivered to your address within 7-15 days.

If any birth event is not registered within 21 days, it can be reported at any time under the late registration rules. You have to pay a fixed fee.

Fee for birth certificate registration:

The registration fee for a birth certificate is 20 INR, and a late fee will be added if you apply 21 days after the baby is born.

How do I get a birth certificate if it was not registered when I was born?

Process for registering a delayed birth certificate:

1. Apply for a birth certificate in the Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Required Documents:

1. DOB Proof

2. Apply for delayed Birth Registration Order (DM / SDM or any other First Class Magistrate) in DM / SDM or Court Office

Required Documents:

1. Birth Report.

2. Non-Available Certificate.

3. Parent Self-Notification.

4. Witness Affidavit.

5. DOB Proof.

6. ID / Address Proof

3. Apply for birth registration in Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Required Documents:

1. Delayed Birth Registration Order.

2. DOB Proof.

3. ID / Address Proof.

4. Birth Report.

Collect the birth certificate from the Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths after successful registration or download it from the Civil Registration System. Link –

[non-availability certificate→ delayed birth registration order → birth registration →birth certificate]

For more information see RBD rules here –

Is a birth certificate needed for a passport?.

The Government of India has removed the requirement for compulsory submission of birth certificates when applying for a passport.

This is a statement made by a Minister in Parliament, so it is binding on all passport offices.

You can use your DoB or any other government-issued document (ID) with your school record.

Try to find out if the passport application instructions have been modified accordingly, otherwise attach a self-certified copy of any of your IDs to your DoB. 

The Passport Office should accept your passport application without any hesitation. If they do not, they must state their reasons for rejection.

What to do if your Birth certificate is lost and how to get a new birth certificate?.

Offline process:

1. Contact your Birth and Death Registration Office.  Place the application for issuance of duplicate certificate with relevant details.

2. Pay the required fee and it will be done.

Nowadays people apply for many birth certificates specifying the required certificate in the local lingo and English language.

Online process:

1. Apply it on the government website.

2. They will ask about your last certificate.  Give them a reason to apply for something new.

You can also get a copy of your previous certificate.