Online Patta name change in Tamil Nadu | clear-cut idea for applying free in 2021.

A Patta is a legal document deed for land held by an individual. If you do not have a patta, you cannot claim ownership of the land. In this article we will see online patta name change / Patta name transfer and how to get patta copy.

Before getting into the procedure let’s first know a few basic things.

Basic things to know:

how many of you know what is patta,chitta, and Adangal.


The Patta document will let you know if all property taxes have been paid and if any are due.

A Patta is a record of the income of a land. It is issued by the government and is also known as the Register of Rights (ROR).

The Patta contains,

  • the Patta number.
  • district name.
  • taluka and village.
  • owner name.
  • survey and subdivision number.
  • wet/dry area.
  • tax details.

In short, The Patta usually contains details of the land, i.e. its size in all four directions, address, and owner details.

Now a days, the joint patta (also known as kuttu patta in Tamil Nadu) will become an important document for the people living in the apartment.

Differences between Patta and Registry:

A Patta is a title deed of property issued by the government to the property owner of the land or buildingThe registry is the entry of a deed of sale into a government register with witnesses before a government official. However, this does not certify the legitimacy of the sale. It simply copies them and enters the registry.


This is land income document contains details of the area, size and ownership of the property.

The village administration officer has these details and the nature of the landscape is indicated as dry or wet.

This document will also be available with the VAO {Village Administration Officer] and a copy will be available at the Taluka office.

This document will contain details such as what the surroundings are on the four sides of your plot. For example, it says ‘north, there is a 23-foot road’, ‘Mr. X owns the South plot’. Such as the dimensions of four pages.

you can check this before you buy the land. It is usually sent by real estate developers along with other property documents.


This Adangal document provides additional details on the type and purpose of the land. It tells the quality and type of soil whether it is wet or dry land.

Adangal will tell you about the previous cultivation of the land and the details of the crops and past tenants and any other relevant information.

This document will be with the VAO (Village Administration Officer) and a copy at the taluka office.

It contains various important details such as the survey number, size, valuation, and land classification of the property, as well as the name of the current owner of the Chitta document extracted from a register.

Finally, the document contains details such as trees and wells located in the ground. It also indicates whether the land has been allotted to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes with conditions. Who the current owner is, such as the size of the plot.

You should check this document before purchasing and this document will be sent to you as a copy after purchase. For example, this will be sent to you along with other documents after registration.

I think this much basic knowledge is enough. let’s get into the procedure for online parts name change 2021.

Procedure for online patta name change 2021 | clear cut idea.

First of all, let’s know the documents that need for the online Patta name transfer at the Tahsildar office.

Documents required:

  • The original deed of sale with a Xerox copy.  (If you take out a home loan and the original document is with the loan provider, you will need to get a NOC document from the loan provider stating that you have borrowed, and the original lender has).
  • Current Patta Copy. (It will be in the seller’s name)
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC).Your name entry should be there.(can be downloaded from the Tamil nadu registration website).
  • Id proof (Aadhar card).
  • They will ask for your mobile number and the local address for CAN (Citizens Account Number) number creation. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number for creation. Be sure to carry your mobile.

The government officials involved in approving the application:

The following government officials will be involved in reviewing and approving the application.

  • Village Administrative Officer
  • Revenue Inspector
  • Field Surveyor
  • Zonal/Headquarter Deputy Tahsildar

How to apply for an online Patta name change for free in 2021:

1. Most Tahsildar offices now have e-service centers, so if you go to the Tahsildar’s office most of the time they will guide you to go to the e-service center.

2. In E-Services they will ask for all the above-mentioned documents. They will scan the documents, apply for you, the fee is 60 Rupees.

3. They will give you a receipt with an application ID to track the status of your application online.

4. Your application will be forwarded to the respective VAO (if your area is village type) and the VAO will process the application within two weeks.

5. You can track the status online with the application ID.Link for official website –

online patta name change.
Procedure for online patta name change 2021 | clear cut idea.

Important points that everyone should know:

1. Check if the e-service center is authorized to take the Patta transfer application. Not all e-service centers are authorized to do this.

2. Your land can be anywhere in Tamil Nadu and you can apply for the Patta transfer application from anywhere else in Tamil Nadu at the e-service Center.

3. No need to take any is completely zero paperwork.

4. Just take the original deed of sale, Aadhar card, EC, Rs.60, and a mobile number. Make sure you have a local address to create a CAN. They ask you the name and address of the locals.

5. The plot owner does not need to go to the e-service center. Anyone can submit the application.

6. Keep in mind, there is no paperwork, only the staff had a lot of work to do to fill in all the land-related details like survey number, district, taluka, village and scan the pages of the deed of sale.

Procedure for getting Patta copy online in Tamilnadu:

Online Patta name change
Procedure for getting Patta copy online in Tamilnadu.

If you know the Patta number / survey number you can retrieve it from eServices – Taluk offices. Link for official website –

If they ask for any bribe, meet the senior and report it. It has to be done free as we are charged patta transfer, at the time of purchasing a property.