18 Pages (2022) Full Movie Leaked on iBomma

’18 Pages ‘ is a film coordinated by Surya Pratap of ‘Kumari 21F’ notoriety Palnati and featuring youthful legend Nikhil. The movie is being delivered by Bunny Vasu, a fruitful maker under the flag of GA2 Pictures and Sukumar Writings, under the bearing of super-maker Allu Arvind. Anupama Parameswaran inverse Nikhil plays the champion in this film. Music is given by Gopi Sundar. From one viewpoint, the film unit is shooting and then again, it is doing advancements. Today (June 1) Nikhil delivered the main look of this film as a birthday present.

Youthful saint Nikhil is coming soon with a delightful romantic tale. Nikhil, Sukumar Writings, and GA2 Banners are mutually creating the movie 18 Pages under the bearing of Surya Pratap of Palnati with Anupama Parameswaran. Sukumar is giving the story-screenplay to the film and co-creating it. Sukumar is making interesting characters for this film which will be screened with an alternate story. Sukumar made such a person for Nikhil.

18 Pages (2022) Full Movie Download Leaked on iBomma

Currently, the shooting of this film is going quickly. The film banners which have as of now been delivered have intrigued the crowd. It is discovered that Nikhil will be found in a double job in the film. Nikhil will do a twofold job without precedent for his vocation with this film. It is proliferated that one of the characters will go on behind the scenes of forgetting the past. Also, it is not yet clear how much truth there is in this information.

18 Pages (2022) Full Movie Leaked on iBomma
18 Pages (2022) Full Movie Leaked on iBomma

The film was past the point of no return because of Corona. Chaka Shooting Complete Nikhil. It appears to be that the shooting of this film is at long last finished. Saint Nikhil says naming for the 18 pages film. Nikhil shared this photograph using online media as the naming was supposed to be over after the shooting. Alongside this film, Karthikeyan 2 featuring Nikhil is additionally shooting. It appears to be that the shooting of the film will end very soon.

The poster of the movie

The creators have delivered this banner saying exceptional birthday wishes to Nikhil in the interest of the film unit. Nikhil Siddharth will assume the part of Sidhu in the film .. Anupama Parameswaran will be found in the job of Nandini. Nikhil’s eyes were blindfolded as the banner was different to the point that Anupama Parameswaran was composing on it with paper towels tied around his eyes.

I am Nandini. I like the composition on paper like this rather than composing letters on portable. The characters that are composed don’t have feelings and are similar regardless of who composed them. However, every letter composed inclines. It will have your mark on it. It might work out for me to say this, he composed on the paper, exciting interest in the film. The creators will report the delivery date of this film very soon.

News About 18 Pages (2022) Movie

Nonetheless, a couple of days prior, the film unit formally reported that another amazement was coming from the film. Fans were excited when it was reported that Anupama Paraveshwaran, who is playing the champion in the film, will acquaint ‘Nandini’ as a gift with Vinayaka Chaviti. They are anxiously anticipating when this banner will be delivered. Nonetheless, their assumptions have as of late concluded. On Friday evening, the film unit delivered a movement banner presenting Nandini’s personality from the film ’18 Pages’.

Evergreen trees. In this banner we see a butterfly flying out of the lovely climate. From that point onward, it flies like that and inclines toward Anupama’s hand which signifies ‘Nandini’. This movement banner with quiet ambient sound and staggering visuals intrigues the crowd. Inventive chief Sukumar is giving the story and screenplay to the film. Gopi Sundar is creating the music for the film, which is being delivered by Vasant Cinematography. Public Award champ Naveen Nooli is the supervisor of the film. The film is set to deliver in February this year.

Leaked on Ibomma

Indeed, truth be told! Here is pitiful information for the creators as 18 pages film has turned into the most recent casualty of theft. 18 pages of Telugu Movie have been spilled on Movierulz, Telegram, and other theft-based sites including iBomma, Jio Rockers. Tragically, the film’s abrupt break could influence its assortment in the cinema world in India.


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