British MP murdered: PM Boris Johnson’s party MP David Amis murdered in church, accused arrested.

In Britain, a man on Friday attacked David Amis, a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party, with a knife. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but he died there. According to the news agency ‘Reuters’, Amis was in a church at the time of the incident and was talking to people in his area. Accused has been arrested. Amis is said to have been hit several times. His supporters tried to save their MP, but they failed.

UK MP Stabbed Multiple Times

Conservative Party MP Sir David Ames (MP Sir David Amess) has been stabbed several times in Britain. Police said that one person has been arrested in the case. The police and ambulances reached the spot shortly after the attack. Police said they had received information at 12:05 p.m. that Leigh-on-Sea had been attacked with a knife. Then a knife was also recovered from the spot.

The age of the attacker is said to be 25 years. The knife used in the murder has also been recovered from him.

David was an MP from Essex

According to the report, Amis is an MP from the Southend of Essex, which is part of Eastern England. At the time of the incident, he had gone to the Methodist Church for prayer. After the prayer, he was talking to some people. During this, the attacker lashed out at him and made several attacks simultaneously.

British MP murdered: PM Boris Johnson's party MP David Amis murdered in church, accused arrested.
British MP murdered: PM Boris Johnson’s party MP David Amis murdered in church, accused arrested.

The attack was confirmed in a statement issued by the Amis office. At present, the police have not given much information about this. However, the news of the arrest of the attacker has been confirmed. His identity has also not been revealed.

Health update not given

Amis supporter and local counselor John Lamb said – David was stabbed several times. Kaer Stemmer of the Labor Party said – this is a very terrible incident. I am worried about David and his family. Amis first became an MP in 1983. After this he changed the constituency and since 1997 he was contesting and winning from Southend area. He has done a lot of work for animal protection.

In 2010, a similar attack was made on Labor MP Stephen Timms. After this, in 2016, Joe Cox of the Labor Party was fired.

Some were outraged,

The Daily Mail reported that Amis, 69, had publicly protested several times over the issue of same-sex marriage and abortion. This made some people very angry with him.

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