Kim Jong Un: ‘Eat less by 2025’: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un warns.

Kim Jong Un: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has appealed to people to eat less until 2025, which means they have to eat less for the next four years.

Kim Jong Un requests to eat less until 2025

The recent heavy rainfall of North Korea, which has already been hit by Covid, has been hit. The crops have been cut off due to overheating, leading to a food crisis. The North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has appealed to the people to eat less until 2025, the next four years. Due to financial constraints, food supplies cannot be supplied from outside countries. Our country is facing a severe food crisis. So people should cooperate and eat less until 2025 and not waste unnecessary meals. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has asked your stomach to eat as much as you want.

What causes food crisis in North Korea?

Due to lack of finances, North Korea is unable to supply food supplies from outside countries. Kim said the authorities should somehow find ways to increase agricultural production. Kim sent a warning message that the country’s people should eat less until 2025 when the border with China is reopened. Already there is a food shortage in North Korea. Kim Jong Un said that if people do not change their diet, the risk is increasing. 

Kim Jong Un: 'Eat less by 2025': North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un warns.
Kim Jong Un: ‘Eat less by 2025’: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un warns.

The cruel corona shook the whole world. All the countries were caught up in coronation. But only a handful of cases have come to light in North Korea. This is because North Korea has closed its border with China. But Kim did not know that the decision would affect the North Korean economy. Day by day the prices of everyday commodities in the country skyrocketed. The price of sugar, soybean oil and flour is constantly increasing in North Korea. Prices have started to increase in North Korea since June 2021.

Only 2 months of food left. 

Food crisis has been a problem in North Korea for many years now. But this time the problem is plaguing the country, and the northern situation is much worse. According to an English media report, there is only 2 months of food left in the entire country. There is a situation where Kim Jong Un must admit that this is true. Food exports from China to North Korea have decreased by 80 per cent since the epidemic began. There is a crisis of foodstuffs that require only 2 to 3 months. If this does not happen, North Korea will have a one-meal meal by the end of this month.

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