Marriage problems will go away | Child will be blessed | Thoranamalai miracles.

Thoranamalai is a town near Kadayam in Tenkasi district.  Thoranamalai Murugan Temple is located on a hill in this town.

  This hill is the place where Theraiyar Siddhar Jeevasamadhi was reached.  Agathiyar Siddha Vaithiya Road was built on this hill many years ago. 

Many of Agathi’s disciples learned medicine here.  Theraiyar was also a disciple of Agathiyar.

First cranial surgery was performed in Thoranamalai.

Once upon a time there was a toad frog in the head of a king that made it very difficult for him to live.

It was here that Theraiyar Siddhar performed cranial surgery on him.

  When the skull was removed, the toad appeared.  When everyone was thinking about how to take it without damaging the brain.

The Theraiyar brought water in a pot and placed it near the king’s head. 

The toad jumped into the pot.  Then cover the open skull with herbs.  This is why he became known as Theraiyar. 

Thoranamalai was the first place in the world where cranial surgery was performed.

Glory of Thoranamalai.

Herbal winds will heal you as you climb the mountain to see this Murugan for all of the disease seconds.  Then Murugan will give immunity and courage. 

Marriage problems will go away | Child will be blessed | Thoranamalai miracles.
Marriage problems will go away | Child will be blessed | Thoranamalai miracles.

This Kandan will give excellence in everything like marriage, child, education, career, health etc.  There are many dwarfs on the mountain. 

Burial in these will remove sins.  Get mental clarity. 

The Bhattirakaliamman Temple on the hill and the feet of Sri Rama are located here.

Thoranamalai, the place of siddhars.

It is here that Agathiyar sends Brahma’s arrow to Rama to destroy Ravana.  And the breeze that blows over this mountain gives a great deep calm. 

Another important wonder of the hill is that many devotees say that the Siddhars would come here to worship on Ammavasai, Pournami and other important spiritual days. 

Because these days you can hear the ringing of bells here at night.

Thoranamalai full of wonders.

No one could figure out where it was coming from.  So it is widely believed that Siddhartha worship is practiced these days. 

There is also a lingam worshiped by Agathiyar in this Thoranamalai.  There is cobra nest. 

It is said that the herbs that give immortality are also extinct here.  Thoranamalai is a mountain full of many wonders.