Facebook, Twitter ban India | Do you know the reason? | Full report here.

Facebook, Twitter ban India | Do you know the reason? | Full report here.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be banned for non-compliance with central government regulations.

facebook and twitter news.

One of the most popular social networking sites in the world is Facebook and Twitter. 

These two social networking sites have millions of people around the world.  The dominance of these social networking sites in India is huge.

Reason for Twitter and Facebook ban in India.

For sharing information against the country’s security and sovereignty on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, and OTT.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) of the Government of India has recently issued new rules to all social networks and given them three months to follow them.

Specific companies were also ordered to respond

is Twitter getting banned in India?.

The deadline for compliance with the new legal rules for social media sites released by the government 3 months ago ends today (Tuesday), the Indian koo App has announced in line with the new social media guidelines so far. 

Facebook, Twitter ban India | Do you know the reason? | Full report here.
Facebook, Twitter ban India | Do you know the reason? | Full report here.

Therefore, it has been reported that the central government has decided to take criminal action against social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) who do not comply with the new rules, and thus these networks are likely to be banned.

But social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have not responded to date. It has been reported that some social networking sites may be banned in India in the next 2 days.

India asks for user details from Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most important social networking sites. The company also manages Instagram and WhatsApp.

Although social media began as a mere entertainment aspect, today it operates as a separate media, political and commercial.

Social media records its role in all aspects of the election campaign battlefield.

Therefore, the government imposes restrictions on it.

Last February, the central government announced restrictions on social networking sites and OTT sites.

Central Government restrictions on social networks for preventing attacking comments and messages.

First, there should be a facility to find out who posted the attacking comments, it should be removed within 36 hours, 3 officers should be appointed by social media companies including a chief executive to investigate the complaint, they should be in India and monthly reports on the activities to be provided.

India has made 40,300 request for asking user details from Facebook.

According to Facebook, 40,300 requests were received from the Indian government in late 2020, asking for users ’details.

From January to June 2020, the Government of India has sent 35,560 requests, an increase of 13.3%.

In response to India’s request, Facebook said 878 posts had been blocked and action had been taken against the abuse.

Of the total claims, 37865 were for legal action and 2435 for immediate action. We will examine every request of the government according to their terms even if the government has requested it.

Facebook has made it clear that it will only take appropriate action if the accounts violate the terms and conditions.

The US ranks number one for asking user details from Facebook.

The United States is number one in asking for user details.

The United States has asked for the details of a total of 61262 people. Internationally, at the beginning of 2020, Facebook received 173592 requests.

191013 requests were received in late 2020. This is 10% more. The company explained that Facebook was operating under the constitutions and regulations of the respective country.

Increase in nudity and sexual harassment complaints.

As of 2021, nudity and sexual harassment complaints have increased internationally.

The government, which had earlier imposed restrictions on social media, has welcomed social media sites to do business in India under the new IT rules.

Social media sites have empowered ordinary users, but explained the rules that make them responsible for their misuse and abuse.

It is noteworthy that criticisms have been raised that freedom of expression may be suppressed by these regulations.

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