how to activate dnd (Do not disturb) in Vodafone?

How to activate dnd in vodafone

Life Hack that everyone thinks they should know, put your phone in DND mode, always  Yes, in bold and upper case, you read it right!.Not just for your study time or work time, or when you are sleeping, no all the time.

You do not want to be notified of all those newsletters, promotional emails and calls, group chats on WhatsApp, SMS. I guarantee you will never miss any important job if you keep your phone in DND mode and instead your productivity will improve 5 times. In this article, we have shared all the information about DND and how to activate DND in Vodafone?.

What is DND?.

Do not disturb one of the popular contexts for DND.

If any mobile subscriber is registered under DND, no telemarketer will invite the subscriber to upgrade their services / SMS.

This violates the TRAI guidelines and leads to fines under the TRAI guidelines if anyone fails to follow them.

Activate DND on Vodafone (simple method).

Choose call, SMS, application or website ( to activate DND on your number depending on your service operator. As a database of DND subscribers managed by TRAI and the NCPR (National Consumer Priority Register), there is a standard procedure that should be the same for all major telecom service providers.

How to activate DND in vodafone
Vodafone official page for activating DND.

There are 3 ways to activate DND on Vodafone.such as

1. Online

2. Message

Now I will explain the proper steps to activate DND on Vodafone for each option.

Methods to activate DND on Vodafone:

For online: Visit the Vodafone official website and search for DND. You will find a page, where you can enter your mobile and OTP to activate DND.

For message: Send a Message”START 0″ to 1909 from the number you wish to activate DND.

For calls: you can register via dedicated IVR at 1909, from your Vodafone mobile or landline phone. 

Advertising calls and messages on your Vodafone mobile number will be terminated within 7 days from registration.  You will receive a unique reference number via SMS for your records.

Note: The request can be cancelled using the keyword STOP for the same number.

You can add DND to specific categories by an additional keyword. I am a Vodafone user, which provides a completely easy portal to implement DND on your number. Visit the DND page of the Vodafone website (link above) and enter your name, email id, contact number and select the full or partial DND option. It takes seven days after the DND request is registered.

Other ways to stop or block advertising calls and mails:

You can use True Caller and similar applications and add the company number to your block list.  Whenever a call comes in it will be blocked by the app.

True caller app for blocking spam calls and sms.
True caller app for blocking spam calls and messages.

Also, if you want to stop calls from that company, you can request ‘DND’ (Do Not Disturb) mode on your SIM card.

Does Vodafone charge for activating DND on your number?.

DND is now known as NCPR and it is an initiative of TRAI. There are no charges applicable, as it is a toll-free number.

What can be done if you are receiving frequent calls even after registering for DND?

First, you need to confirm you are on a full DND or partial DND.

If you are on DND, registered telemarketers who know the impact of a complaint will not call you. One of its unregistered telemarketers completes the call even though it is on DND.

In such cases, you need to write to the service provider customer care stating the number and time stamp when the call was made and what it was regarding for them to act on it. They will update you on the action taken accordingly.

If you continue to receive unsolicited calls after registering for DND, you can download the TRAI’s(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) app DND 2.0 and lodge a formal complaint. Link for the app –

TRAI's DND 2.O app
TRAI’s official app for activating DND.

As per the official description:

DND App enables smart phone users to register their mobile number under DND

Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0) App enables smart phone users to register their mobile number under DND to avoid Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)/ Telemarketing Calls / SMS. This is based on TRAI, “Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010”.

TRAI’s UCC Terms and Amendments can be found here:

I humbly request everyone who reads this article, please use this app and start reporting spam calls and texts as it will be helpful for everyone

For deactivating DND on Vodafone:

This process is the same for all operators.

To deactivate DND, you can send a message to STOP (OPTION NUMBER) 1909.  A list of options can be found online.

Note: however, you will not be able to get a unique reference number because you have previously opted out of all messages, so it is not certain whether your request has been registered or not.

If that happens, you can call 1909 and follow the IVR instructions.

If that happens, dial * 1909 # from your phone.  Once the USSD code is running, select Option 5 (Unblock), select Option 1 (Categories), and select Option 0 (All Categories) or any other option you wish to block when unblocking.  You will receive an unregistered line from all DND services.

  Note: After selecting Unblock you can go-to mode, date, time or any other option instead of going to the Categories option.  They all have the same effect as long as you opt for full unblocking in any of them.

Finally, try DND for a week, go for free, forget the annoying beeping noises throughout the day, you will feel how toxic your phone is always ringing and you will always attend to it.

Your phone is meant to meet your communication needs, it should never be a way to pass your time, millennials have realized it too much!.